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Vol. 13, Issue 43 - Week of October 27, 2014

How to devise a smart job search strategy Cheryl Simpson, Careerealism

CHICAGO, IL -- Devise a smart job search strategy based on your career targets, brand, and achievements that enables you to access 200-300 potential opportunities in 3-6 months. Why 200-300? Because a job search is a bit of a numbers game. It takes an average of seven job interviews to produce one job offer. If you're conducting a full-time search, you should be able to make your 200-300 contacts in 90 days; if you're in a part-time search, then you'll likely need six months or more to make that happen.

But what constitutes a smart job search strategy? A savvy search strategy includes the following. Clear job search targets that define the position levels, titles, companies, industries, and geographic areas you are seeking. Enough targets. If there are fewer than 200-300 targets in your preferred geographic areas you may not be able to make enough contacts to generate enough interviews or offers.

The right search tactics. There are specific methodologies you can use to promote your candidacy. Which ones best suit your career level, personality, and available search time? First, define your career targets. Second, clarify which of the primary executive search tactics are right for you to leverage. There are 5: recruiters, job boards, targeted companies, LinkedIn, and networking. Third, develop a strategy for each search tactic you employ. Fourth, road map each search tactic and distill your plan into realistic weekly action steps.

Update your job search strategy and save time Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- These days, to land a job over the competition, you have to work smarter. The hard part is to get your resume read by the right people at the right time. Good jobs aren't on the market very long. To succeed your resume has to be available to the employer the moment they decide to fill a position.

One easy way to be found by employers who are looking to hire someone with your skills, is to post your resume on all the top job sites and niche job boards. This is a proven, documented method of successful job searching. While it may take a fair amount of time to find and fill out the forms of all these sites, you will definitely multiply your chances of landing a job.

If you want all the benefits without all the work, you can let a service like Resume Rabbit do it for you. You fill out one simple form and they'll instantly post your resume on 90 top job sites like, CareerBuilder, Net-Temps, Dice & more. Then you'll be seen by over 1.5 million employers & recruiters daily. It takes ONLY 5 minutes and saves 60 hours of research and data entry. If you need help finding a job over the competition, try Resume Rabbit today.

Breathe new life into your job search Abridged: Review Journal

LAS VEGAS, NV -- You might not have hunted for a job for some time and might be looking for inspiration. Or you might have been looking for a while, but your methods have proved unproductive. Don't put up with repetitive job-hunting information and ideas. Look for something new. Change your search strategy.

A method of job seeking that will turn around many job searches comes from David Solomon, the bright founder and CEO of SpringRaise LLC in Los Angeles. "A return-on-network isn't just getting a referral," he explains, "but getting a referral to the right job, and you actually make more. Look at your network as a portfolio of potential jobs. Cultivate similar people. They'll bring it to you. The job that needs you finds you, because your network knows what you bring to the table."

If your challenge is gaining employment in a technology start-up, ask yourself if you have the necessary mentality to work at one. "It's a growth mindset," he observes. "Start-ups are somewhat unstructured; answers haven't been figured out; and there's uncertainty. You have to be comfortable with lack of structure, comfortable with lack of certainty and risk." This will also teach you acceptance of failure, because it leads to growth. Enhance your job search by recruiting your network to get the best and best-paying position. If you're considering start-ups, develop and convey a start-up mentality. In all capacities, examine yourself and be accountable to yourself.

5 Job search fears and how to conquer them Abridged: Parade Publications

NEW YORK, NY -- 1) Not finding a job, period. Applying and interviewing for jobs is a challenge. How to conquer: Take a look at your current job search process and determine ways you can improve your approach. 2) Working in a job that doesn't require a degree. This is a fear that many college graduates face. How to conquer: Focus on building industry connections. Attend networking events, connect with recruiters on LinkedIn, and set up informational interviews.

3. Working for a terrible boss. One out of five workers have had a bad boss. How to conquer: As you look for jobs, avoid accepting a job where you've identified a bad manager. To help you spot a bad boss, pay attention to the manager's body language and the type of questions they ask you. 4) Failing in the interview. 92% of Americans fear something about job interviews. How to conquer: Before any job interview, research the company, find out who you'll interview with, and prepare a list of accomplishments to share with the employer. It's also important to create questions to ask the interviewer.

5) Salary negotiation. Only 45% of job seekers ages 18 to 34 have negotiated their salary. How to conquer: Know your value as a professional. Use tools like Glassdoor to search salaries in your industry. Be sure to bring a list of accomplishments that illustrate to the employer why you're worth the higher salary.

Build a LinkedIn Profile that will get you hired Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA - Currently, 88% of the U.S.'s recruiters now tap into LinkedIn to find qualified job candidates, according to a recent report conducted by the site. In short, LinkedIn has become the first, and top platform that recruiters and HR pros access to do job searches and build their candidate pool. Is your profile being found?

If the content within your profile is a simple copy-and-paste from your resume, you could be damaging your chances of landing that dream job. The Career News recommends having your profile overhauled by "LinkedIn Builder", the professional writing service with a rapidly growing list of happy clients. The company will turn your LinkedIn content from passive to powerful in 72 short hours. Here's how: Precise, targeted headline; Conversational summary section with a perfectly social tone; Optimized job descriptions crafted to ensure maximum visibility; 100% profile completeness; Fast, email delivery with easy upload instructions; Downloadable DIY Guide loaded with best practices, LinkedIn insights and how-to tips.

LinkedIn Builder's writers specialize in structuring your online professional profile to effectively chronicle your career, achievements and key skills. Their writers possess the knowledge and cross-industry expertise to link your career aspirations with a smashing online presence. Opportunity is waiting. To get noticed and land more interviews, get help with your LinkedIn profile today.

Why is it important to organize a job hunt? Abridged: Star Tribune

LINCOLN, NE -- All job seekers at any age and for any type of job need to get organized first, before submitting that very first application, says Dana Manciagli, a global career expert and author of "Cut the Crap, Get a Job!", which includes the documents and tools you need to manage an organized job search.

"In today's highly competitive era, it takes massive attention to detail, brilliant follow-up and quality networking to secure your next career move," says Manciagli. "Whether you're searching for your next role within your company or you're looking outside, you need to project manage your job search efforts."

Job seekers should create their own personal job search tracker. Will you be using a computer or tablet? Your mobile device? Maybe you're more comfortable with the old-fashioned ring binder and handwritten pages? Whatever works for you is key. You decide - just do something! Why? Because there's a direct correlation between the speed at which people get employed and the disciplined process they're using. There's no way you can remember everything about every position you apply to. The search can go on for weeks and months and employers are often slow in hiring, which means it can take time for them to contact you. You'll need all your notes and documents to stay on track. "If you don't have good organization tools," says Manciagli, "you are not committed to your job search."

Search smarter with this job search and apply engine Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Are you tired of going to several job sites every day and searching each one separately? Do you dread submitting your resume & cover letter over and over for every job you apply to? Do you find it difficult to keep track of where you sent your resume for future follow up? To help reduce the time spent searching job ads, try using a job aggregator site to search millions of jobs from thousands of company websites, job boards and newspapers -- all from one place.

The Career News recommends a service called MyJobHunter. With this service, you can search all top career sites at once AND apply to all matching jobs with one click. First, MyJobHunter will instantly search all major job sites for jobs matching your criteria. You'll review a list of job matches and put check marks next to the ones you like. Then, press a single button and your resume is sent to the jobs you selected. It's that simple! They'll even personalize your cover letter with each job application. Login any time to review jobs applied to and even add follow-up notes on each one.

Check out these other great features. Don't want to forget keywords that generated perfect jobs? Try the "Saved Search" feature. Want MyJobHunter to find & apply to jobs for you? Turn on "Auto-Apply" and your resume is automatically sent to new job matches every day. You'll never miss an opportunity and your resume gets there first! Get organized and save time with this job search and apply tool.

Job hunting? Don't do this... Abridged: New York Times

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Cut and paste isn't your friend. Matthew Lanier, a corporate recruiter in Boston, recalls the resume of an applicant with entry level experience. So he was surprised when he found an executive-level position, at a major finance company on the resume. Turns out the applicant found a resume online, and cut and pasted her experiences over it. But, she mistakenly left some of the other person's work history. Don't let a careless mistake cost you the job.

Toss the form letter. When Ed Zitron, founder of a public relations firm in San Francisco, listed an opening for a paid intern, he received more than 100 applications. Not one contained a personal cover letter. Every single one was a form letter. Worse, most of the applicants didn't put my name, or the firm's name on it. His advice: Don't send a generic cover letter. Share a bit of who you are and how that relates to the position. Google the contact's name and/or the firm.

Be selective. Executive career coach Irene McConnell has clients who tell her they apply to more than 100 jobs per week. This is a big mistake. "The recruiters remember your name and begin to associate it with 'that dude/gal who spams me every time I put a job ad up'," McConnell said. Her advice: Don't damage your reputation in the eyes of recruiters. It will be more difficult to get a call back.

[Video] Use this strategy to get more interviews! Staff Writer, The Career News

SAN DIEGO, CA -- If you are having trouble getting a job, it might not be your fault. The reason you may not be finding a job is because when you apply to jobs online, your resume is in a stack with hundreds of other applicants. It's hard to stand out because of a problem called "Resume Visibility".

That's why we recommend using a new job search tool called JobUnlocker. This job tool was created to help people who are struggling with "Resume Visibility". 80% of all jobs are never advertised, and are located in the hidden job market. The hidden job market consists of job openings that result from recent retirements, firings, company expansions, anticipated future openings, and jobs which do not currently exist, but are created for the right individual.

In this short video, you will learn an uncommon, highly effective job search strategy that can help you find a job in just a few short weeks. It will teach you how to stand out from the crowd and practically forces employers to pay attention to you. JobUnlocker will give you amazing results because it provides the contacts you really need. To avoid the resume black hole and find a job faster, check out this free video today.

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